Saturday, March 10, 2007


Today we were out and about. In the morning we went to Gibson Park to check out the Twin Ponds hiking trail, well, I did not like it much. The park is full of litter and storm damage and the ponds look like something out of one of my bad dreams. I prefer walking at the Piedmont Environmental Center. Then we drove to the Victory Junction Gang Camp to drop off ten afghans I made for them over the Winter. After that we had lunch at Cracker Barrel (we have not been to one in ages it seems) and went shopping for more yarn at Michaels. I recently sold some stuff on Ebay and also 3 of my hats, so I have money for more craft supplies. I also bought some baby yarn, I want to make some items for my shop with it. It was a gorgeous day today, temperature in the 60s and mostly sunny.
When we came home we watched the Busch Series race that had just started and had the leftover pizza from yesterday for dinner. I figured out how to make a good pizza dough with the yeast here, it seems to be different from the one in Austria, but it worked out well and my pizza was really yummy.
Sundays are reserved for church and puttering around the house, watching racing (or not) and doing some hobby stuff.

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