Sunday, July 23, 2006

This and that

My stepper broke! :(
These things are obviously not made for being used regularly, my friend Sabine has gone through a few of them as well. I had two options: fall back into being lazy or go and buy a new one. Being a good girl, we decided to invest in a new one. The one I wanted was not in stock at the store so we ordered it from their central warehouse, I hope it will be delivered soon.
In the meantime I have to get my cardio exercise in another way, today we went walking, it was not as hot as in the past few days so we did pretty good. We broke in our new running shoes, they are very comfortable, but they do get rather hot after a while. We will be walking more this week and hopefully next week I will have my new stepper.
We had a bad thunderstorm last night and it kept me awake for a long time. Even Miss Kitty came into the bedroom and slept under our bed. There was quite a mess in the park today, lots of tree limbs down and the lake sure was full.
I established a new record. I always call myself the world's slowest quilter, but this week I made an entire wall hanging in two days!!! We were invited to a birthday party and I had the idea to make a present, at first I was thinking potholders, using a horse fabric, but I don't have any horse fabric in my stash, Hobby Lobby did not have any either and pot holders are usually something for the whole family. So I decided to make a wall hanging with a poodle instead. The birthday girl liked it. :) A photo of it will follow once the film in my camera is full.
People who have not seen me in a while noticed my weight loss. I have not really lost that much in weight, but my body has changed, all the fat on the side is gone, my butt got smaller and my clothes fit better. I wore a new t-shirt yesterday that fits comfortably but also hugs the curves a bit. I felt good wearing it. And the next time I go walking I am going to wear shorts, it is way too hot to walk in long pants. ;)

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