Saturday, July 15, 2006

Answered Prayers

God has answered our prayers - Del has found a job!
It is difficult to explain but our life here so far has not felt right. I guess we are not used to being at home all the time and we just felt that we are not really a part of society without work. I don't know why we feel this way, it must be our programming. But now we feel that we have truly arrived here and can start to put down roots.
The job is with the DMV in Winston-Salem which means we don't have to move and can stay right here in High Point, the drive is only about 30 min when traffic is bad. That is a big relief, I know I would have worried a lot if Del had to drive two hours to work one way every day.
And according to the USCIS website it can not be too long now until my green card arrives and then I can embark on my big adventure - learning to drive. :)
I know I should feel a lot happier than I am right now but I think the long wait has exhausted me, all I feel is relief that the wait is over and that life can begin now.

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