Monday, April 18, 2016

A new blanket in the making

Yep, I knew it, the Spring Fling square will make a lovely blanket. I am making this for the project Jahresdecke 2016 instead of the cat quilt I had originally planned. I just don't feel like sewing at the moment.


sigisart said...

Dear Maria,
looks very nice and cute!

June said...

I think the new blanket will be lovely. I was wondering how you put your squares together once you have completed them all? The last time I made one with squares, I cheated and used the multiple stitch and crystal thread on my sewing machine. It looked okay (not great, but usable). haha

Shirley Elliott said...

What beautiful colors! This will be a wonderful blanket and so cheerful with those colors. Hope you have a wonderful week.