Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I fell in love ...

... and the rest is history, as they say.

We took our gang to the vet this morning for their booster shots and there in a cage was a pretty little kitten. We had to wait quite a while and he and I got acquainted. His is very sweet and gentle and so pretty, and his name is Mr. Moose, he is about 6 months old.

Meet the newest family member.

Right now he is getting to know the rest of the family and funny enough, he is doing the hissing and growling, but there has been some butt wiggling and a first attempt at playing with the smallest of ours - Mr. Franky. He is very playful and self confident, the others are very curious about him and I hope they will soon all get along.

I am probably out of my mind, but that just had to happen. And he is already fixed, had his first shots, is flea free and de-wormed. He was found at a construction site and lucky for him, a kind man brought him to the vet's office.

He already found his favorite spot - the window bench, and he already fell off of it as well going after a toy. And he just walked across my keyboard, not shy at all, the little fella. Oh boy, are we in for an exciting Spring. Wish us luck!

I also think that Del will never again take me along to the vet. :-)


Shirley Elliott said...

I love that you adopted Mr. Moose. He is adorable and will have such a good home. I currently have two cats (totally inside cats) and have had as many as five at one time. I say I will not have more than two from now on but I probably would have adopted Mr. Moose had I been there before you. Good luck on the transition into your family. Your felines are so wonderful that there will probably be minimal ruffled fur. Signs of spring are popping up and it won't be long before you will be out working in your garden and flowers so enjoy this time inside with the newest family member.

Simin van den Berge said...

Very kind of you Maria to take this little cat into your home! I felt lonely after my dog died in december and now I've taken a cat from the animal hostel. She is soo sweet and I love her. Monday she had to have a dental controle and it' s a pity, but the vet had to pull out a lot of molar teeth! Now she is much better and happy again.
Success with your cats, love from Simin.

June said...

A home full of cats is like a home full of children. There is lots of love and always room for one more. Bless you for your kindness in taking in this new cat to love. (I would have done the same thing, too!) June

karen said...

you are not crazy! I love that you home and heart has room for another cat. He looks so cute and he is one very very lucky cat to be seen by you :) congrats!