Saturday, January 03, 2015

New (and not so new) Projects for January

I have finally decided which projects to work on in January. There are some that are carry-overs from last year, so to speak, and a few brand new ones. Let us begin with the old ones.

I will continue and hopefully finish my monthly heart quilts, I made it to April last year and then it got too warm and my motivation went on a walkabout. So, I will continue with May in January.

The adorable advent animals will be continued, I am currently working on Cashmere Camel who is # 6.

I plan to hand quilt this wall hanging to hopefully turn it into a gift.

And now on to some brand new projects.

I plan to knit at least one pair of socks every month. This is the pattern and the yarn for the January pair.

I will crochet a cat shawl for myself

And I joined the Flood's Flock KAL for which I will knit Stonecrop, a garter stitch lace shawl, with yarn from my stash.

And last but not least I just discovered these adorable cross stitch kitties for each month and found them irresistible.

There will probably be a Christmas project along the way as well but I have not yet decided what it will be for this month. And there is a sweater and a scarf to finish.

These should keep me busy and out of trouble for a while.


sigisart said...

Liebe Maria,
schöne "alte" Projekte und tolle neue...
Das ist jetzt aber gar nicht schön, dass ich die Kreuzstich-Katzen gesehen habe.....;-)))

sunny said...

Great list! But you better get off the computer and get started. I know, I know, me too.

karen said...

I'm doing Stonecrop and so is Tracey! I hope you achieve all of your January goals :)