Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Changed plans and another finish

January has not been very good for me so far. I am a bit under the weather and our stove called it quits on Sunday, narrowly avoiding our lunch going out in a blaze of glory. Yesterday the new stove was delivered and today I will take it for a first test drive. We upgraded to a smooth top one, the same kind I had back in Vienna.

I made changes to two of my craft projects. Stonecrop and I just did not click. I normally don't mind knitting from a chart but for some reason I felt too fuzzy headed to work with this one, also the yarn I chose did not show up the pattern very well. So unknit it was and I cast on Ludlow instead with a different yarn. Much smoother ride.

After I used some of the leftover yarn from the Doctor Who Scarf  for the 2015 Crochet Blanket I decided that I wanted the whole blanket to look like that rather than using all kinds of colors, which of course means, that once the leftover yarn is used up I get to buy new yarn to finish the blanket.

I have a small finish, the second washcloth in the KAL. I like this pattern a lot.

I can hardly believe that January is almost over but I can't say I am sorry to see it go. I have already made some plans for February and hope I will feel better then and can get them all done.


Tracey ~ Clover said...

I am so sorry you haven't been feeling well Maria and hope the days are brighter for you soon.

How exciting to get a new stove. Mike and I have been looking at stoves, mine is almost 20 years old, so there will be a new one in my kitchen soon. I would love to have a gas stove, but need to run a line and my goodness, they are way more expensive than electric!

I love the look of your Ludlow, it is a pattern I want to knit.
Take care and know that someone in SC is sending prayers and healing thoughts your way.

karen said...

I hope February is kinder to you. My stone crop is blocking and I'm glad it's off the needles, I wasn't a fan of the charts for some reason.

Shirley said...

So sorry you have not been feeling your best. Hope you will soon be enjoying each day fully. I love seeing your photos of your cats, your crafts and your cooking. Each time I read your blog, I think how I would love to have you for a neighbor. Good luck with the new stove. Bet you will love it once you have used it a few times.