Monday, December 22, 2014


This weekend:

- We celebrated the Winter Solstice with plenty of Wassail and some candles, I combined the evergreens with the candles this year.

- We went on our last grocery shopping trip for this year, yeah! Strangely, the only shops that were really busy were the craft store and the pet store.

- We bought a dehumidifier to battle the mold problem in the kitchen, whereas the bedroom needs a humidifier, go figure. We have different climate zones around the house, as well as different time zones (every clock shows a different time, a few minutes fast or late).

- I found really comfortable shoes to replace my holey ones that gave me wet feet the last time I was out in the rain. The best thing is that I found them in a shoe store in town and did not have to go on a day trip (or order them online as I was prepared to do since I don't like going shopping).

- We purged our video collection, and boy, did we purge. We were able to dismantle and store a bookshelf that is now empty. 

- There also was a little knitting and a lot of eating.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday week.

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karen said...

happy winter solstice! I just went grocery shopping and it was little crazy! Hope you have a wonderful celebration :)