Monday, December 08, 2014


Not exactly the way I want to start a new week. I took a nasty tumble this morning (fell over a bucket, I always knew housework could kill you) and landed face down in a cat box. Luckily I had just cleaned it and changed the litter. As I was laying there I tried to assess my possible injuries, I could move, I did not hit my head and I was not bleeding. So I decided that I will live and got up.
By now I am really sore and stiff all over and some body parts are more upset than others. My hands took the brunt of the fall as I tried to brace myself, the right one hurts more than the left one, I also have some pain in the back, along the ribcage on the right side and both elbows are sore, the left knee is not too happy as well. Geez, the older you get, the harder you fall.

To take my mind off the mess I decided to do a little cross stitch project and as I was sitting here this evening, looking at it, I noticed a mistake. Now do I keep it as my own personal note or do I take it out? I think I'll sleep on it and decide tomorrow, provided I can get out of bed.


Sue G Johnson said...

Oh, Maria! That's awful. I'm so glad for you that the cat litter was clean! I hope you feel better in the morning. Your cross stitching looks great. Whether you decide to fix the mistake or leave it in, it will be a memorable piece!

Jacqui said...

Ouch - hope you are better today. I have to say that I have looked hard and can't see a mistake. It's a lovely wee motif. Xx

Tracey ~ Clover said...

I am so sorry you feel Maria and hope today finds you much better.

I think your project looks fine and I say leave the mistake.

karen said...

the last time I took a nasty fall, I was more concerned with my cell phone....I ended up with a badly twisted ankle, but the cell was okay! Hope you are better and next time move the bucket.

Shirley Elliott said...

So sorry you took a tumble! Hope today finds you feeling much better and not too stiff and sore. I have looked and looked at your needlework and I don't see a mistake. Of course, it has been many years since I have done cross stitch. It's going to be beautiful.

Jackie said...

SO glad you're ok. That could have ended really differently.

I wouldn't have noticed it without being told there was a mistake.