Thursday, August 08, 2013

Fall Feelings

The mornings are cool and dark and damp. The days are getting noticeably shorter and not as hot as they were just a couple of weeks ago. We survived summer without A/C and had the lowest electricity usage ever for this time of the year.
The first fall feelings are beginning to stir. The urge to sort and purge, to clean the house from top to bottom, to make things again. I am starting to look for fall and winter recipes. The first apples and winter squash are appearing on the farmer's market, my favorite season is just around the corner.


karen said...

Wow no ac! I'm impressed-my house gets hot so I flip the switch every time. I have been noticing the darker mornings and the slightly cooler evenings plus a few leaves dropping!

MTVA said...

I am happy, too, that fall and cool weather are on the way. I long for brisk, fresh air and more energy. You did really well to not use the ac!