Sunday, April 15, 2012


Not quite what we had planned. Our weekend contained -

- a call to the police about an incident that left me spooked for the rest of the weekend and still makes me feel uneasy.
- a trip to the farmer's market, allergy attack included. Whatever it is that gives me problems must be growing in the area between home and market. Not much fun shopping with a fuzzy head "I just bought what?" ;-) The blinds did not come from the farmer's market. We picked up a few to replace the ones that were used as cat toys.

- a yodeling cat that has to be kept away from the boys. I sure wish that tax return money would come in soon.
- a spring cleaned mattress.
- a totally clogged kitchen sink. Repair is still ongoing, keep your fingers crossed that we can fix it ourselves.
- two knitting projects finished, a new one started.
- and as usual - sleeping kitties.


Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
Are you OK? I shoot you an e-mail sometime tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Glad you are okay (other than the allergies).

I love your kitty pictures. We have an "orangey" of our own and he's a handful, too.