Monday, April 02, 2012


It was a good one. :-)
On Saturday it looked like the weather would change our plans again but Sunday was dry and sunny and perfect for gardening.
So, this weekend

  • we went to the farmer's market (the farm where we buy most of our greens at the moment packs everything in plastic bags which I don't really like, but we do re-use them) for eggs, sausages, kale, asparagus, lettuce and the first strawberries.
  • we went to Lowe's. I like going there on Saturday, you can see what everybody's weekend projects are. Let's see if you can guess ours. We bought a hedge trimmer, a dry mop, a wet mop, Murphy's oil soap and rubber gloves. ;-)
  • and we finally worked in the garden. Three beds are cleaned out now, one is ready to be planted. The raspberry bush has been tamed, the herb garden has been cleaned out and replanted, the grass was mowed, most of the weeds were pulled, the forsythias were trimmed, and the honeysuckle was finally pulled from the lilac bush (something I usually do in February). We also repaired the bird bath and planted wildflowers in a certain area of the garden. We decided to not have a bird feeder anymore. The past two years, yellow jackets tried to build nests in them and the area under the feeders sprouted too many unwanted plants. I plan to put the hummingbird feeder back out next month. And we did all the work under the watchful eyes of our little ones.
There was also a little knitting and little reading, watching movies and plenty of good food.


Tracey said...

I love your supervisor's!
The farmer's market here opens next week and I am so excited!

Monika said...

Love the photo with the little ones watching. :o)

Swanski said...

Love the cats being nosy!