Monday, March 05, 2012


My Weekend included
  • a trip to the farmer's market for eggs, kale, broccoli, spinach, spare ribs and sorghum molasses
  • meeting friends for a birthday lunch
  • buying some new yarn (the red one is not as bright red as in the photo)
  • getting lost on Ravelry looking at free patterns for triangular shawls (a few of which ended up on my todo list) and trying not to drool on the keyboard
  • baking bread and making granola
  • re-organizing and purging my knitting patterns
  • and of course, sleeping kitties everywhere


Tracey said...

I have lost many hours due to Ravelry! I find I want to knit everything I see, then I remember I live in the deep south!
Your weekend sounds wonderful and I love seeing what you pick up at the farmer's market. My husband is a huge fan of sorghum molasses.

Swanski said...

Love how the two cats are hugging each other :)

Anonymous said...

Such pretty kitties.

(Stop by my blog, you've been awarded a Versatile Blog award.)