Monday, February 20, 2012


This weekend -

- we went to the farmer's market for eggs, sausages, broccoli, kale and popcorn
- we ate green eggs for breakfast

- we watched "The Godfather I - III" while munching popcorn and kale chips
- I knitted yarn remnants into cat blankets
- I added a few rows to my ripple blanket
- I finally tackled that re-organizing project I had on my mind for so long



If nothing else it reflects my changing interests. I was thinking about selling my Petty collection but with the current economy being what it is and Ebay fees and postage sky high I opted for putting it into storage instead. One day when we are gone there might be an estate sale and who knows by then it might be worth something. In case anyone would be interested in it now, just send me a message. ;-)

It started snowing last night and this morning we have about 2" on the ground. Geez, just when we thought that we made it through Winter.

And as usual there was this:

Now I am off to clean out the stable the cat boxes and vacuum the tons of dust we seem to have lately. It smells and tastes like plaster dust, we think it comes from our walls after all that blasting and heavy construction machinery going through. I hope our poor old house will settle down again soon.

Have a wonderful start to a new week everybody!

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