Wednesday, February 01, 2012


February used to be my least favorite month because it can be really wet and dreary back in Vienna. But that changed after I moved here because the weather is so much nicer. Now it is the month when we begin to clean and prepare the garden, make plans for what to plant this year and give the house a good cleaning too.

I did a little decorating yesterday.

Packed my work basket for the new month. I am going to work mainly on my hand stitching projects and hope to finish a few of them. And because I just have to have something on my knitting needles I will start my small purple projects.

And as always I will enjoy watching my kitties sleep. :-)

Have a happy and productive February everyone, no matter what the weather is like in your part of the world!


Jackie said...

Love your mantle! I like the idea of stacking the workbasket at the beginning of the month. Great idea!

Swanski said...

I love to rearrange my yarn and projects and purple is the perfect color (to me) year round!! Love the mantle decorations :)