Monday, December 19, 2011


Wow, I hope Monday morning was not an indication how the rest of the week is going to be. It is 8 am and I am already exhausted. ;-)
The weekend on the other hand was one of those nice and quiet 'domestic' ones where we do stuff around the house and just relax. My biggest problem with Christmas is that people think it is the perfect time for parties and going out while all I want to do is stay home and be with my family. Over the past years we have pretty much cut out everything from 'our' Christmas that would cause stress, too much work or just does not feel right for us. And I can say that almost all our Christmases past were stress free. So, this weekend, with both of us fighting our traditional holiday cold, we stayed in and kept warm. We did our usual grocery shopping run Friday night and we did not go to the farmer's market. It is pretty much winding down now and we stocked up on meat the last time we went. Both of our sources for eggs are no longer coming to market so we will switch to bi-weekly trips to Whole Foods for eggs, chicken and meat, these are the things we will not change to regular grocery store fare.
On Saturday Del cleaned the porch and made it kitten friendly and boy, did the little guys enjoy it. It is enclosed with plexiglass and gets nice and warm when the sun shines, even in Winter. I baked bread and started my main knitting project for 2012. I will buy a ball of yarn every Friday during our grocery shopping trip and - hopefully - work it up during the week into hats and scarves and mittens for the homeless shelter.
Here are some photos of our babies from this weekend.

Today is major cleaning and laundry day. I wish you all a wonderful week and I hope I will be back soon with more kitty cuteness. ;-)


Tracey ~ Clover said...

They are so cute!!!
I have stopped all the going out stress here too. I am such a home body and am quite content to stay off the roads and just be with family.
Your holiday cookies sound wonderfu; you should make a batch. I'll bring the tea, we can talk the afternoon away and watch the kitties play.

karen said...

The second to last photo of the cat leaping is fantastic!!