Monday, February 21, 2011


It was warm enough to start some garden work. We removed the weeds and vines that grew over the azaleas by the carport. The azaleas took quite a beating with all the rain last year and look poorly. I hope they will recover and bloom again. A lot of the plants around the house are quite old and I am afraid the trees in the front yard will give us problems in the coming years.

I also removed all the weeds and the honeysuckle from the lilac bush. While doing so I discovered that a big branch of it was broken, probably during one of the storms last year or from the heavy wet snow we had. It came away when I pulled off the vines of the honeysuckle.

And we also bound up the raspberry bush I planted last year. I have decided to let the strawberries take over the bed (they have to share with the raspberry) and find a different way to grow herbs this year.

The big stump that sat in the corner of the garden when we moved in is gone. It looked like that when we bought the house.

Thanks to the rains last year it is now completely rotten and we just raked the remains flat. Maybe we just sow some grass over it.

We saw the resident red tailed hawks, the flew in very low and then sat on a branch across the way. They are so beautiful. One of them flew low over the house once and looked at me. But I guess both my cats and I are just a bit too big to qualify as prey.

And after all the garden work was done, I finished my second pair of socks. This time without a pattern. They fit much better than the first ones.


Jackie said...

It sounds like you had a very busy weekend working in the yard/garden! The socks look great.

Mabiana said...

The colours came out very interesting in these socks! I like them. :-)