Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life without Television ...

... is great!
We suspended our satellite TV service last Summer for 6 months because we needed the money to pay off medical bills. Now it was time to decide whether to re-connect or not. And since we do not miss it one bit we did not re-connect, much to the amazement and disbelief of the company we cancelled. I really cannot see why I should pay so much money to watch endless commercials interrupted by bad shows. They kept asking us why we cancelled, we told them repeatedly that it had nothing to do with their service, just that we did not like the quality of programming anymore. There are a few shows we still like, like all three CSIs and NCIS and we watch these online on the station's website. Very little commercials and the sound and picture quality is good enough.


Wanda said...

Love it (I read your post to my daughter, she loved it too).

I am so ready to get rid of TV as well. Did you know if you have an antenna and the box to get the digital you can actually get better programs (more of the UPS channels, local programs, etc) then you will get on cable. If we didn't get a good deal (because my husband calls and harrasses them)& use the speed of the internet, we would be off the cable company also.


Miss Sadie said...

"Endless commercials interrupted by bad shows."

What a wonderful definition of the wasteland called television!

Would you mind if I borrowed that quote?

Marilyn in NM said...

We got rid of our cable almost 6 weeks ago. We're not suffering at all. We also did it for economics but also for the reasons you said, 'programming'.
Our cable company offered specials for 'new' customers but old customers go no incentives and we paid double what new customers paid. We're sure not unhappy with our decision, that's for sure.
We watch netflix and hulu and the network websites. I actually don't miss being tied to a programming schedule. We watch when we want.
I'm so glad to see others out there that feel like we do. So good to meet you!