Saturday, March 13, 2010

After the Storm

We had a strong thunderstorm last night with lots of rain and this morning I went out to take some pictures around the yard. Everything is growing like crazy, you can almost watch it grow. Right now it is raining again.

I almost missed the first blooms on the Camellia, which is blooming a bit later this year.

The purple crocus always come in after the yellow ones are gone.

The lilac - now freed from honeysuckle, which is was extremely strong this year, it must have really liked the wet weather.

My little helper, always on the lookout. She scrambles up that tree like a little monkey.

The strawberry plants survived the winter and even produced two new plants. The parsley, thyme and lavender also survived.

The view from the porch, the maple tree is budding and the birds were happy about the worms in the wet earth.

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Jackie's Stitches said...

Happy Spring! Your comment about the herbs surviving the winter make me want to go buy some and plant them. I particularly love fresh thyme and rosemary.