Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Latest Project

I am currently knitting the Lacy Prairie Shawl from Folk Shawls. I got a lot of it done during the bazaar.

The storm is still on here, it is cold, windy and raining buckets. Our telephone line got knocked out sometime yesterday and it is still not working and the internet connection comes and goes. Del has a job interview today in Greensboro, he applied for a supervisor position within the DMV.
Brownie and Mamacat have been staying in the mudroom and basement since yesterday morning and neither one of them is inclined to go outside. I feed the two boys in the dry part of the carport and they are obviously staying in the shed together. There is a big box with blankets in the potting shed.

Last night something weird happened. Around 8.30 pm somebody knocked on our front door and after checking carefully who was outside Del opened it to a police officer standing on the front porch. He said they received a 911 hang up from this location and asked if everything was okay and if he could come in just to make sure. He came in and looked around, using his little flashlight apologized for the disturbance and left. I wonder what happened, maybe it was a glitch in the telephone line due to the weather.

I think I must bake some more brownies today. ;-)


Jackie's Stitches said...

It sounds like a very unfavorable weather day for a job interview. I hope it goes well.

Anonymous said...

Creepy! That constitutes an illegal search but you did consent. Still creepy!

I love that shawl.

Didn't know there was a terrible storm. We're just having cold overcast weather this way.

Hope your husband gets the job he applied for!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
I'll keep my fingers crossed for Del and the new job! Love your knitting.
It's been rainy here most of the week, today is the first day it isn't raining. Oh well, it could be snow....:)