Monday, June 01, 2009

More Garden Work

Today we worked in the garden again. Del is on vacation this week and we took advantage of the nice weather. I mowed all the grass around the house and in the "south field", I know it was that fairly large piece of land that sold the house to me (and the perfect little kitchen garden area, hidden from view from the street) but mowing it gets a bit much at times. ;) There are two mulberry trees growing in the neighbor's yard and quite a lot of branches are hanging over the fence, it smells of fermenting berries back there. :) Then we cleaned out the area around the rose bush and the snowball bush, we cut both of them back a good bit and the next step is putting down more soil and then cover the area with wood chips. Next year I want to plant some peonies and hollyhocks there. I tied up all the tomato plants, they are growing well and I have at least two nice little tomatoes on them already. Unfortunately the squash bugs and cucumber beetles are back again but my homemade soap spray works well on them. The herbs and strawberries are doing fine and we ate some of our spinach for lunch yesterday.
Here are some pictures of the now cleared area (I forgot to take a before picture), I am very pleased with how it looks now.

These are the last of the radishes and some more strawberries.

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