Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Look what we found in our mudroom last night.

Four little kittens. The cute black and white cat with the big appetite trusts us enough to bring us her kittens. The picture is a bit blurry because I took it through the glass with no flash. The only come out of hiding when mama-cat is in there too and when we go out there they disappear completely and make no noise. There are two tortoise-shells, one calico and a big black one (I wonder if that one is a boy, it was the first one to peek out under the shelve and the first one at the food bowl this morning). The eat solid food already, I guess they are between 4 and 6 weeks old. I remember seeing her pregnant but because I never saw any kittens I thought they might have died when we had the big snow at the beginning of March. During the Easter weekend mama-cat was very affectionate and sitting with me on the back steps, purring up a storm and kneading me and giving me love bites. I guess she was trying to find out if it would be safe to bring us her babies. Oh well, they know a (sucker) cat lover when they see one. I am not really sure what to do now. Every time I call the SPCA for help they turn me down and for now they are safe in the mudroom, I just need to re-arrange a few things. I am very tempted to keep them but apart from Miss Kitty probably not being happy about that, we would eventually run into some financial problems when it comes time for vet visits. Mama-cat is a real sweetie, except when it comes to other cats. But now I know why she was so territorial. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
How sweet! Thank goodness they have you to look after them. Are there any animal rescues in your area, they might be able to help. I have a friend that has 7 cats and they all seem to get along...I'm a cat lover also, but right now I'm catless, when my hubby retires we will be getting a kitten and a puppy.

Anonymous said...

We too have people that will come and get them for you at no cost.
I love cat's. I have a minks cat. About 15years old. He goes camping with us! We put him on a lease just like the dogs. Sit out side with us at night!! My kids thinks he thinks he is a dog!!!
Good luck. You are lucky.

Anonymous said...

Sweet little babies... they will be a tad expensive though.