Sunday, January 04, 2009

Menu Planning

I decided to do better this year with planning my menus for the week ahead. So, here we go.

Our breakfast is usually a choice of homemade granola, farina or bread with butter and jam, coffee and orange juice.

Lunches are usually sandwiches or wraps (tuna, egg, cheese, ham or roast beef, sometimes salami or cream cheese and veggies), a slice of whatever sweet bread I made (banana, cranberry, pumpkin) or homemade cookies, raw veggies, peanuts and fruit.

So, the only meals I need to think about are dinners. This is what I plan to cook next week:

Baked pasta with tuna and olives, green salad

Nachos with beans (mashed and seasoned instead of refried), salsa, sour cream and cheese.

Homemade pizza (either plain mozzarella or with tuna)

Bean soup and homemade bread

The rest of the bean soup with more homemade bread

Saturday and Sunday I plan on Friday before we go shopping.


paula, the quilter said...

I started doing menus last year. Over breakfast on Saturday, we create the coming week's menu and shopping list. Then I collect the coupons (if I have any) and go grocery shopping for the week. I have found it saves me time because I'm not always stopping to 'pick up' something at the store, plus there is the added benefit of not throwing out unidentifiable food from the fridge. O! and I can be a bit more creative in the kitchen and there is no longer the 'what should we have' rut.

Anonymous said...

Harold is not been home during the week for about a month. We are blessed that the military has let him come to work with them during the week. So meal planning is out cause I am not cooking. Maybe I will take up swimming for a couple of month. Until my house sells cause I miss him during the week. I want to be with him.