Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Tools and Miss Kitty Too

I treated myself to a set of bamboo knitting needles and I am glad I did. I like them, they are smooth and light. I got 12 pairs in 12 different sizes and I could not wait to try them. It looks like Miss Kitty likes them too.

The pictures were taken before she found out that we had to take her to the vet for her rabies booster shot. I hate having to hunt her down and stuff her into the carrier and so does she. But she was a good girl and got a lot of treats when we came back. Good thing is that, if she stays healthy she does not have to go back for another one for 3 years.

We had a new stray cat at our door this morning, poor thing was hungry like a wolf. I feed it and then noticed that obviously it had chased off the resident garden cat. I found her in the yard across the street. Luckily she came back with me. I do wish I could just take her in but I would not want to do this to Miss Kitty, she deserves a peaceful life after her big adventure.

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