Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WIP Wednesday

I am currently working on some quilted Fall decorations for the house. A mantel quilt, a tiny squirrel wall hanging, that will be hung from a twig and a table topper.
So far the tops for the mantle quilt and the wall hanging are finished.

I am also knitting two shawls, same pattern, completely different yarns. The white one is worsted weight (Red Heart Soft Yarn) the mint one is lace weight (no idea what yarn it is, I bought it on Ebay because it looked pretty). They are both meant to become birthday presents this Fall.

And I am crocheting a small curtain for a shelf in my pantry that holds mainly tea packages and cookbooks. It will look a lot neater with a curtain. The pattern is from an old German Burda magazine.

Today I will also make a crazy patch/beaded bookmark for my Dad's birthday.

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Cindi said...

Wow! you are being so productive!