Monday, July 14, 2008

A Day in My Life - July 14, 2008

Woke up at 6 am to a dark and wet day. Fed my last remaining garden cat, the resident princess had been fed earlier by Del. Started the coffee, packed Del's lunch box, made breakfast. Del left a bit after 7 am and my day began.

I spent some time on the computer, downloading the daily photos from Webshots, checking email and reading through my daily blogs. Then I cleared up some paperwork (mainly craft patterns and recipes that have collected everywhere) and played with Miss Kitty, who hates dreary weather and is very restless. I picked out some photos to send to my parents with my next letter, tidied up a bit and then headed to the kitchen.

I made yogurt, a batch of granola and apple crisp, baked an apple loaf cake and banana chocolate chips muffins. As some of my regular readers might be guessing by now, I had some wrinkly apples (happens quickly in the heat) and overripe bananas. :)

While the various goodies were baking, I worked on another scarf for Christmas at Sea and read a few more chapters of my current book - Women's Voices from the Mother Lode. I also made a gift bag for the mittens using a brown paper lunch bag, I printed out a picture of some balloons and glued them to the front, made two holes in the top and treaded one of my ribbons through them.

By 10.30 the weather had cleared up and the rain never came so I washed and hung a load of laundry. By 11.30 it was very warm and sunny so I washed a second load. By then all my baking was done and I treated myself to a glass of iced coffee and a slice of my freshly baked apple cake and one of the muffins too.

In the afternoon I weeded out some magazines, tried a new knitting pattern, copied some patterns for a new Fall quilt, washed dishes, took the laundry in and made pizza dough for dinner.

Del will be home soon, we'll have pizza with spinach and feta cheese for dinner, watermelon for dessert. Then we will be watering the garden, take Miss Kitty outside for a bit and end the day watching the newest episode of The Closer.


Jan said...

Oh, I want some of that pizza. It sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing your day. Jan

A happy heart at home said...

I enjoyed reading about your day. You were very busy in the kitchen! It's been a while since I baked anything. You have nice things in your etsy shop. I posted my day, too.


Still at Home said...

I like your blog. Your washing pegged out looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,

Can I have your muffin recipe? I have a few bananas that are fading fast.