Monday, May 12, 2008


My sweet husband had put some money for gas aside and since we did not use it all I could buy some plants this weekend to replace my frozen ones. I got some tomatoes and peppers and a lavender plant. It was raining heavily on the weekend so I decided to wait with planting them.
Here they are waiting to be transferred into the garden:

I spent most of the weekend indoors. I am having a hard time with allergies. I never ever had hay fever before but something in the area where we live now is giving me big trouble. The itchy and runny eyes and nose I can deal with, but I am also coughing and that is very exhausting. The wonderful pills I got promise you 24 hour relief, yeah right. The take 2 hours to kick in and last for 6 hours at the most. I hate taking pills and what is the point in taking something that does not really work? Has anybody had real good results from their allergy medicine? Any advice would be appreciated. I am taking a store brand that has exactly the same ingredients as the brand name that starts with "C".

I want to crochet a curtain for my kitchen window. This weekend I started that thing for the third time. I had made a test swatch, measured and calculated and got to work. Several hours later I had finished 10 rows (over 253 stitches with a 2.5 mm hook) and the whole thing was 5" too wide. I am getting frustrated and put it aside for now. I don't know why I can't get it right.

One of our neighbors keeps a whole flock of birds in his garden, a pair of turkeys, a bunch of chickens and some ducks. Sunday morning as I was checking my emails I heard the turkey and it sounded a lot closer than usual than I saw something big walk by the window. Oops, they turkey got lose. Del decided to go over to their house to tell them that the turkey got out and as we stepped outside our front door we saw the rest of the flock had gotten out as well, both turkeys and most of the chickens. Only the ducks stayed behind. Luckily whenever his birds get out they seem to congregate in the space between our house and the next one which makes it easier to herd them back. I think the ducks talked the other birds into leaving and then stayed behind to get them into trouble. ;-)

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