Monday, September 17, 2007

Yard Sale

Our church held a big yard sale on Saturday and it was a wonderful and perfectly timed chance for us to get rid of some stuff before we move. They day started out humid, dark and foggy but later it became sunny and breezy. We did really well at the sale. Our main goal was getting rid of things, not making money, that was just a nice added extra. :) I decided to offer the rest of the Nascar stuff, that was not stolen in the break-in for sale and donate the money to the Victory Junction Gang Camp. I sold almost everything and made $67,-. :)
We sold almost all of the other stuff as well and even gave away two boxes of stuff for free. The only things that did not sell was my coffee mugs. I only sold one with a picture of two cats on it (the people who bought it, have cats that look just like the ones on mug) and a set of 4 mugs from the 70s with big red numbers on them.
It was fun to watch the different types of buyers, the yard sale pros who come early and bring a bag of change, the people who hope to find a gold watch for a dollar and those who come late and hope for price reductions. I quite enjoyed haggling and making deals with some people.
The fee for the table and the money from the bake sale and breakfast and lunch goes to our youth group to help with expenses for a trip to a conference in Florida.
All in all it was a very enjoyable day, even though I ended up with a sunburn on my nose, top of my head and arms. :) (I also knitted two dishcloths during the sale).
And I was a really good girl, I only spent $2,-! I bought a cute quilt block pin and a thermos jug for serving coffee to our helpers for the move on Saturday.

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