Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Our House

Sounds good - our house. :) I never had a house before, I grew up in an apartment and have always lived in apartments. And now I have a house. :)
We spent the long labor day weekend working in the house. My main goal was to get the bathroom all clean and nice and I think I succeeded. It was grimy to say the least, and I ended up pouring bleach into the tub to get it clean. I also bought a nice shower curtain and a new toilet seat. Changing the toilet seat is one of the first things I do when I move somewhere - except when it is new, like it was in our apartment in Vienna. The tiles in the bathroom are white and dark blue so I decided to go with these colors in everything else as well. Unfortunately the mirror on the cute old medicine cabinet is almost blind and will have to be replaced. Here are some before and after pictures of the bathroom:

The house is ca. 80 years old, it appeared on the official tax records for the first time in 1938 but the owners told us that it was built in the 20s, they were told by a very old man in the neighborhood that it was the first house built on this street (when they first bought it - more than 30 years ago). They really loved the little house and fixed it up quite well before they sold it. It is built very sturdy, not even the floors are creaking (quite opposite to where we live now) and I love the little details. Here are some photos:

Light Switch plate:

Ceiling lights the owners kindly left behind:

Ceiling fan in the bathroom:

The kitchen cabinets:

This is an old quilt that was nailed to a beam over the basement door, it is very dirty and torn, but it looks really good on the fence:

We also met our neighbor from across the way and I am glad that she told me the story behind this little fellow before I put in a veggie garden: ;)

He/she is one of several wild bunnies that live in the area and make themselves at home in various yards.

We also ordered a cooking range and a fridge, they were in stock and will be delivered next Saturday. I am still amazed at how quick and easy some things work around here.
Things are definitely moving along.
We are planning to work in the evenings in the next two weeks and start taking some of our boxes over so that on moving day we don't have quite that much stuff to move. It will be hard enough to get the furniture moved.
Next Saturday our church is holding a yard sale and boy, are we ready for that. :)

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