Tuesday, August 21, 2007


In one month from now we will be moving again. This time only about 10 minutes down the road and not halfway around the world but the stress does not seem to be any less. Last time I had a whole year for packing and getting ready, now it is only a few weeks. I try hard not to panic and to take it one box at a time.
Miss Kitty is frazzled and battling hair balls and stressing me even more. Why is it, that there are always several things going on at the same time that cause me stress?
Oh, before I forget, we bought a house. Small, old and old fashioned and has everything we were looking for, 2 bedrooms, a big garden, a basement and an attic and a shed in the yard. It is close to the historic part of town and right across from a big city park. It is a corner lot, so we have only two direct neighbors and the yard is big enough to not be too close. The house came through inspection last week with flying colors, no major repairs needed, all we want to have done is an electrician go over the wiring to make sure everything is working and safe.
I won't have much time for anything in the coming weeks but I know that it will be worth all the stress. And now I am off to pack a few more boxes. :)

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