Thursday, May 31, 2007

This and That

I sold my first item from my Etsy Shop! I was almost sad to see my little bag go. ;) I also sold some stuff on Ebay and now I have money to buy more yarn and other craft items. I made 6 felted glass cases for the shop with all the wool yarn leftovers I had. They are really easy to make but my hands told me afterwards that they had had enough.

The baby quilt is finished and ready to be packed and given. The baby shower is this Sunday. I also made a card for the occasion. If I may say so, it is definitely one of my better quilts. I always do my best work when I make something for someone I care about. And my sewing machine was really cooperating and not giving me any problems while quilting it. Good Girl! ;)

I also finished the two crochet baby blankets but for some reason I cannot get a good picture of them.
My dad will be getting one of my felted glass cases for Father's Day and I made a card for him too.

Now that all this is finished I will dedicate the next week to catching up with my WOBQ blocks, several of them are rather complicated and I did not want to make them just in between other projects. I am still behind with my 12 x12 x12 challenge pieces but for some reason I can't find the motivation to do them.

I have a knitted sweater for myself in the works and once that is finished I have at least three new projects lined up. I am also still working on the pink baby blanket.

The weather keeps getting warmer and warmer and we are having some air quality problems. We try to go walking in the evening as often as possible and I found that if I go even though I don't feel like doing it I feel much better afterwards. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are church nights so we can't go anyway. We decided to make up for that by walking 1 hour on the remaining days rather than a half hour.

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