Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This and that, life in general

Yesterday I sent a cake with Del to his office to share in honor of his first pay check. :) He brought me back a pretty "Thank You" card with messages and signatures from everybody who enjoyed the cake. It was one of my grandmother's recipes, very easy to make and very good.
I don't seem to be able to do anything creative recently except for cooking and baking. I am getting lazy.
I gave the kitchen a good scrubbing last Friday. On Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market, which I always enjoy. We were a bit early and there were hardly any people there yet. Then we did our regular grocery shopping and after lunch we decided to take a road trip. I don't get out of the house during the week (courtesy of whoever messed up my green card) and I really needed to see some landscape. We drove up north, into Rockingham County, because I wanted to see something new. The countryside is very pretty up there, lots of hills and woods with some agricultural areas in between, we saw some tobacco and corn fields. We drove through Mayodan, a very pretty little town. On the way back we stopped at the bookstore (mainly for coffe) and did some more shopping at another store as well.
I am holding my weight but I have gotten really lazy and did not do my exercise for a couple of days. I really need to get my butt moving again.
It has been very hot recently and now we are waiting for the rain that "Ernesto" is supposed to bring.
The ongoing case of my green card has now been handed over to the office of one of our senators. I hope she will be able to get something going. I have been here for almost a year and still can't drive or find work, it is very frustrating.
The long wait has given me plenty of time to think about what kind of job I actually want. I don't want to spend all day in an office again like I did the past 14 years. I would like to find a job that benefits others, maybe at the hospital or one of the retirement homes. It has also given me time to reflect on the past and the life I left behind and to overcome old hurts and disappointments. I feel like a cocooned caterpillar getting ready to hatch as a brand new butterfly. :) I do not regret coming here at all and other than a few friends I don't miss anything I left behind in Vienna.

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