Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Life is good

I can feel the stress draining from me - finally.
The cat is well again, Del has a job and enjoys it, I have plenty of "me-time" and my creative juices are flowing again. I can't be creative when I am all stressed out. I am working on a secret quilt project, can't say what it is, you never know who might be reading this. ;) But it will be a gift and it is blue. :) And today I made my first fabric postcard (I was told they can become addictive).
I was not sure if the result was worth the time and effort but everybody who has seen it so far liked it. Okay, must be worth it then. Actually I spent most of the morning searching desperately for the instruction book for my sewing machine so I could use the fancy stitches. I hate it when I "know" that something is in a certain place, only to find out that it is NOT. I found it in a basket, under a big pile of fabrics. :) I have also signed up for a Christmas ornament swap on one of my mailing lists and for a quilt block swap with a Halloween theme on another. I have plenty of things to keep myself busy until my green card will finally arrive. Maybe as a birthday present?
My new stepper is out to kill me, I feel like I have to start all over again. Today I managed 15 minutes and afterwards I thought my legs are falling off. But I won't give up, I just keep trying until I get back to my 30 minutes. I am doing the cardio exercise daily now so I can get at least part of the time done that I am supposed to do according to my plan.
I also found that I eat less when I am alone and keep myself busy. I am back on track with my lifestyle change and I am feeling good.
We will go back to church on Sunday, we have not been for a long time, the high gas prices and frequent trips to Raleigh for job interviews kept us from the long drive to church. I really miss the people and look forward to going back.
It is extremely hot here today, I am glad I can keep the house cool and stay inside, so is Miss Kitty. :)

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