Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Big City + more

On Monday we went down to Charlotte to meet Del's cousin Kathi and her husband Bob. They were in town for a convention and added one more day to meet us. The drive was quite nice but once we got into the city we realized that we are not used to city traffic anymore. It is amazing, when we were here on vacation in 2004 we stayed in Concord and explored mainly the area around Charlotte, visiting all the race shops, and we liked it a lot. Coming from Vienna it felt nice, not so many people, etc. Now, after we have lived up here in High Point for a little over 9 months the area down there is too crowded and hectic for us. :-)
They day was very nice. We picked Kathi and Bob up at their hotel and decided to go to lunch to Cracker Barrel, which we all like a lot. But before lunch we decided to show them Lowe's Motorspeedway. The Richard Petty Driving Experience had a few cars out running and it was nice and noisy. After lunch we asked them if they would like to visit a race shop - after all, you can't visit NC without having seen something racing related. ;-) So we took them to Hendrick Motorsports, not because we are such big fans, but mainly because the facility is very impressive and very accessible, a lot to see for visitors. Then we drove around a bit so they could see the countryside, drove through Kannapolis and Mooresville and made a pitstop at DEI. On the way back to Charlotte it started raining cats and dogs and the drive was a bit scary. But it got worse. After we dropped them off at the hotel and chatted a bit, we started to make our way back home. It was raining, but not so bad. Yeah, right. It got a lot worse, I have never seen such heavy rain before, the last few miles into High Point and then in the city itself we had to drive almost blindly, it rained so heavily and it started to get dark also. I was really scared. But we made it home safely. Thank God.
Yesterday we spent at home, it was still raining and Miss Kitty and I sat at the open balcony door watching the rain. :-)
I have not felt much like being creative the past week, other than working on the afghans. I did not lose any weight in the last week, but I dropped another inch around my butt, which is fine with me. It is a bit more difficult to stick to the diet when we are eating out a lot, but that is okay, every day is a new beginning. If we step off the wagon, we just press reset and do better the next day. I did not skip any exercise though, so I am being only half bad. I have learned a few things on this new weight loss journey:
1. Food is not the enemy, but some foods are.
2. Losing weight and feeling better is all about making the right choice.
I feel that I am on the right way and I will stay on it.
The last race weekend did not go all that well for some of my drivers, I hope this one will be better.

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Keri said...

Hi Maria, I love your blog page and I hope that you don't mind that I put a link to yours on my blog page. I really enjoy reading your posts! I'm glad you made it home safe in the rainstorm! Watching it from an open window is much more fun than driving in it! :^)
Keri M. (quilterkeri)