Friday, November 10, 2017

A Year of Blankets - #9

Still two blankets behind. I have been sick with some kind of crud for almost three weeks and not much got done. I did manage to finally put all the FB group squares together in a blanket. We are supposed to donate our blankets but this one has quite a lot of boo-boos in it and I am not sure I want it to leave my house. I did donate several blankets already this year, I hope that will make up for keeping this one.

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Shirley Elliott said...

Your blanket is absolutely beautiful! I cannot see any boo-boos in the photos and love the colors and designs of the blocks. Whatever crud was going around in my area was pretty vicious and hung on for several weeks. Hope you are pretty much over it and able to enjoy these sunny but cold days. Cannot believe next week is Thanksgiving.