Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Winter Solstice!

Well, if the weather stays all Winter like it is today, you will not hear me complaining. Not very likely, but one can always hope. I have been a bit under the weather the last few days but I am feeling better today and here is this year's Yule Log. I used a different icing this time because I was not happy with the buttercream one last year. Seconds after I snapped the photo Mr. Moose grabbed one of the holly sprigs and made me chase him all the way into the bedroom. I love cats. Never a dull moment around here. Later I will make a big pot of mulled cider with various fruits in it and something sunny (yellow) for dinner.

Speaking of cats, there is a new kitty hanging out in my back yard, watching the bird feeder. It sure is pretty and not very shy. I wonder if new people moved into the neighborhood and it is their cat or if it was dumped. It does not look like a stray and does not seem to be hungry, I offered food twice and it did not accept it. For now I call it No. 9 (my cats are going to kill me if I bring in another one, but that is a different story).

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Shirley said...

Yes, if this is the coldest weather we have for winter, I will be very happy also. Your yule log is beautiful and I bet it tastes wonderful. It seems like fall went by so quickly. I loved every minute of those wonderful fall days. Hope #9 has a home and has not been dumped. Since it refused the food you offered, that makes me think it may be a new cat in the neighborhood.