Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Knitting, Picking and Making

I cast on a Ten Stitch Blanket with leftover sock yarn that is not enough to make another pair of socks. I must admit that I find the instructions a little baffling. There are 11 stitches on the needle on row one but I am supposed to knit 10 stitches in row two. So far I have been fudging it by knitting the first two stitches together and it seems to work.

I am finally getting some tomatoes, but unfortunately some of them have blossom end rot once again. I guess we had way too much rain recently and they did not like that.

I made another batch of fermented cucumbers and one batch of refrigerator bread and butter pickles, some of which have already been consumed.

The rain brought some relief from the heat but now it is warming up again and I find myself making iced tea by the gallon and watermelon margaritas for happy hour, heavy on the watermelon, light on the alcohol and oh so yummy.

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