Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We are not amused ...

... by the current weather forecast. We are under a winter storm warning until Thursday evening, expecting snow and ice. I just hope we will not lose power and that the mess will be gone by the weekend.

In other news: My Ott light quit on me yesterday and now I feel helpless. ;-) My eyesight is not as good as it used to be and I really depend on extra light for stitching and hand sewing. I hope it is just the bulb and the replacement Del will bring home tonight will fix the problem. In the meantime I am reading through my free kindle books (on the laptop, no kindle yet) and I am going to start a new knitting project with bigger needles and light colored yarn. I am also picking out materials for the rest of the calendar mini quilts and baking bread.

The kitties are not really worried about the weather, they just do what they do best - snooze.

(Why is it so difficult to upload pictures to blogger all of a sudden?)

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Tracey said...

We are going to get rain, no snow this go round because we are on the coast, but one of my son's lives inland and is expecting some.
My eye sight is not what it use to be either.
Stay warm.