Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 Create-Along "Home Sweet Home"

I finished the rest of the projects for the first quarter of the create-along, things for the living/dining room.

I made another sofa cushion and two sets of place mats. The hexi flowers are at least 20 years old and made from Austrian dirndl fabrics. They were one of my earliest projects and I never put them together into a big quilt as originally intended. The place mats with the hearts were planned for February but did not get finished in time.

I am looking forward to get started on the next quarter where we will be making things for the kitchen. I already have some projects lined up.


Anonymous said...

Cute! Really like the pillows.


Jackie said...

Love your hexagons! I also think hearts are in season year round...!

karen said...

you do such lovely stitch work and I think my favorite is the last :) I've been loving reds lately!