Tuesday, September 25, 2012


My favorite season and what it means for me.

Recovering from the heat of Summer and preparing for the cold of Winter.
Cleaning, clearing, purging, reorganizing.
Finding a new rhythm for my days, developing new habits.
Knitting socks.
Buying winter squash, apples, turnips, sweet potatoes and greens at the farmer's market.
Making soups, stews and chili.
Hot tea instead of iced coffee.
Baking more than just our daily bread.
Cooler nights spent snug under my new blanket.
Much better sleep in a quiet room (no fan running).
New craft projects (Christmas gifts).
Clear sunny days, cool crisp air.
Watching the leaves change color.
Happy, more active cats, enjoying the cooler temperatures.
Dark mornings and early evenings. 
Wearing long pants around the house again, and socks!
Raking leaves in the front yard.

What does Fall mean for you?


karen said...

could I just borrow your list? I like almost every single thing you named. I also love the list!!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

That is a great list Maria. I wish we had more of the seasons here, but nope we are still hot. I do notice the change in shadows and the marsh grass is a different color. I guess I should be happy with what I get.

Anonymous said...

I like the cooler nites and the changing colors of the trees, and just about everything on your list! :)