Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Don't y'all faint now! I am not knitting anything at the moment. I am between projects, out of yarn and out of money. I got some projects around the house and garden to work on and of course, there are 99 cats to be taken care of (at least it feels like that many sometimes). I am also planning on some sewing in the nearest future and I am doing a lot of reading. My hands are thankful for the knitting break.
We had a lot of rain recently and the raspberries seem to love that. I am picking lots of them every other day, unfortunately the weeds also love the rain. But the garden is really green at the moment.
I pulled some of my garlic this morning out of curiosity. It smells good and I am thinking of using it fresh as it is. It is still a bit small, I am leaving the others in the ground a few more months. Here is what I picked this morning - radishes, spinach, raspberries, chives and garlic.


Nana Star said...

Miss u. Still wish we lived closer so i could bake for you sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
What no knitting?? LOL!

What are you planning on sewing?

Our garden is doing well, lettuce and green onions, right now.


Swanski said...

The radishes look delicious! I love them on a salad.

Jackie said...

Your garden bounty looks delicious!

I take breaks from my knitting, quilting, stitching but can never seem to put the books down.