Saturday, July 31, 2010


It was blissfully cool this morning and so we decided to do some cleanup work in the garden. It now looks a bit less than a jungle, but still kind of wild. The grass was so high in one part, that one of the cats completely disappeared in it while walking! Usually that only happens when they lay down. We cut the grass and took down the dead bean plants, discovered two mantises and I took a few pictures. We have black-eyed susans growing in abundance all over the place this year, they must all be self seeded because I never planted any. On the other hand, the columbines I planted did not show up at all.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
Glad you're back! Also very glad Del is back to work and things are going well. My garden isn't doing the best it could. Next year we are leaving in empty also and planting my tomatoes in the front yard! :)
Talk to you soon.