Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day and Houseguests

We have a lot of snow and since it changed to icy rain during the night it is frozen solid, so hard, that the cat who actually ventured out into it, did not even sink in.

We currently have 5 house guests, they spent the night in the basement and are still there. It is the best I can do for them but much better than having to be outside in this weather. I am glad they got along and there was not fighting at all. The fifth one was hiding when I took the photos, she is the one that has been with us the longest (since we moved into the house) and does not really approve of having to share "her" basement with other cats.

Del came home early yesterday because of the weather and picked up the groceries we needed on the way, so we are all set for a cozy weekend at home or longer if they conditions don't improve. I don't even have shoes fit for this kind of weather and because people down here are not really used to it it can become dangerous, especially on the roads. I mean, why slow down, just because it is slippery? So we will not be going out if we don't absolutely have to.

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Jackie's Stitches said...

The snow looks beautiful! I can't imagine driving in though. Stay safe and warm and I hope you have electricity! Down here, we tend to lose ours with unusual weather.