Monday, August 24, 2009


I had a pretty good weekend.

We have been going to a new church for 5 weeks now and like it a lot. Looks like we finally found one that we really can be a part of and where we can bring ourselves and our talents in to serve the community.

On Saturday we participated in a community pancake breakfast where school supplies were handed out as well. We served over 400 people many of which were there mainly for the school supplies. Times are tough and a lot of families in this area are struggling. It was a great experience, more than 70 church members working together to make this happen. We got invited to the same Sunday School class by at least three different people and we will check it out in September because next Sunday we are invited to a newcomers meeting with the pastor before the morning service.

On Sunday after church we drove to Winston-Salem to see a B-17 bomber at the local airport. I have wanted to see one of these since I watched "Memphis Belle" - which I did mainly because of Billy Zane, but that is a completely different story ;). The one landing in WS was the "Liberty Belle" out of Oklahoma. It was very impressive and here are the photos I took. My camera ran out of batteries but I still got some good shots.

B-17 "Liberty Belle" in Winston-Salem

They also offered flights on the old lady but even if I had the money I am afraid I would not have enjoyed it much, I get seasick in a rocking chair. I got a bit of sunburn on my nose but it was worth it.

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